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New Retail Data Center

Through OneJourney’s new retail data center, we provide e-commerce traffic monitoring, 360-degree audience profiling, and in-depth analysis of the conversion efficiency of key touchpoints along the user’s O2O online shopping path to achieve online purchase optimization.

Consumer Insights

The free iReward OmniChannel digital research software enables one-stop research data collection, including not only survey data, but also user O2O behavior/clickstream data.

Audience Tagging

DataRoller Cloud: Integrates proprietary panel data and Lookalike algorithm model to provide audience tagging service for audience data packages, which can provide up to 100+ valid tags.

Data Mining Solutions

We provide in-depth data mining solutions for different industry, including: e-commerce, online shopping path analysis, consumer pain point mining, online gamer retention analysis, etc.


Ecom Traffic Tracking

TA Builder

AdView MTA(Multi-Touchpoints Attribution)

Innovative Data Collection

  • Comprehensive data collection besides survey, including online purchase behavior, offline purchase behavior etc.
  • Demonstrated high-quality sample solutions and quality focus with fully compliant privacy protection
  • Competitive pricing & robust feasibility for a broad range of Audiences
  • Consultation and local expertise on particularly challenging studies

Data Management Platform

  • Data processing 数据处理
  • Data cleaning and fusion数据清洗和融合
  • Data management 数据管理
  • Data mining 数据挖掘

About Us

ComRatings is a leading marketing data provider. Leveraging the leading technology of big data technology and AI analytics technology, since 2010, the company has been committed to provide the continuous data services, including: new retail traffic tracking, data collection, data fusion, data cloud computing, data analytics and data management services for the leading brand marketers, advertising agencies, and research agencies, to help clients obtain in-depth consumer insights and benchmark brand performance, making marketing smarter.

  • AIM Technology——360 degrees audience measurement technology

    • Covering PC, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Digital TV
    • Tracking APP usage + in-APP behavior
    • Support Omnichannel data collection
    • Support global markets with differing languages
  • ComPanel——Digital Tracking Panel

    • With 400K continuously tracking panelists in China
    • Panel distribution matching CNNIC Netizen structure
  • ComSmart——AI driven big data computing technology

    • Comprehensive data taxonomy to process complicated clickstream data
    • Innovative data parsing technology to make the audience behavior data to be structured data
    • AI data mining technology to covert picture data (including offline purchase receipts) to structured data that is ready for analytics
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